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[Science Adventures for Children & Adults]

Robotic Explorers [Adventures for Children].


FIRST® Robotics Competition Our FRC team, Gravity Loop, welcomes new members throughout the year to join in the robotics, outreach and professional networking fun.


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Voter Lookup

Face Book Honors Women Rights to Vote in the US...

Face Book Honors Women Rights to Vote in the US…

Happy Women’s Equality Day, Angela!
On Aug 26, 1920, women achieved the right to vote in the US.

IMG_1694Angie Early Voting IMG_1692Angie Early Voting IMG_1690Angie Early Voting

Angela Booker exercised her Voting Rights

Early 103114…[Remember to V-O-T-E

Everyone on November 4, 2014 in the

upcoming Election]

‘It’s Important to Cast your V-O-T-E!’

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Angela Booker’s E-Book Shared Released 8/3/12


A Booker’s E-Book Shared Released 8/3/12.





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pexels-photo-357316.jpeg CONGRATULATIONS to the (Artist) who made it to the TOP 50unnamedpowerful voices




Angela Booker was a recipient of the ‘Most Powerful Voices’ Gospel Music Contest….




Join Mailing List, Create Personal Account, Buy E-book,

View Pictures, Listen to New Music, Get Updates on

Artist, Angela Booker……….and more………..

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July 18, 2012 · 1:14

Hello world!


“It’s Time To Educate The Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit”

Our establishment has been growing over seven years, since 2005. Our organization is a part of a worldwide outreach ministry that has intuitively enhanced the abilities of individuals young and old who wish to further his or her educational milestones. It is with great esteem to build and strengthen the core values within the family unit which is built upon the values that promotes learning tools, and also enable individuals to be given an opportunity in meeting his or her acquired capabilities in character, motivation, and literacy in every aspect of his or her living out the qualities of life for the betterment of home, the work place, and everyday social lifestyles.

Important Links to Your Health Concern Questions:




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