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Robotic Explorers [Adventures for Children]

Robotic Explorers is Georgia’s exclusive engineering lab for children. Join us for after-school enrichment programs, summer camps, and workshops offered throughout the year. Classes are always forming. Competitive robotics team programs are available to enthusiasts who are ready to totally dive in to the world of science and technology.
Contact us to join the community of companies and organizations supporting science, technology, engineering and math programming.
More than technology and engineering, every child experiences team building and long lasting friendships at Robotic Explorers.
The possibilities of what your child will learn are endless, and their experiences at Robotic Explorers will shape their perception of science for years to come.

http://roboticexplorers.com/   Phone: (770) 772-6622
Email: information@ryre.org



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Angela Booker’s genuine place of Identification
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