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‘Celebrate Life’

[Pray….Exercise Daily…..and Eat a Healthy Balanced Meal Everyday]

God still works miracles. Looking back into what was a true wake up

call made me realize my life in its total reality! Many in our world today

battle with heart disease, types of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes,

and so many other thought provoking illnesses in our fast paced society

of prompt and right now environments. Nevertheless, we never really take

the time to think about the pressures of life that overshadows our every

intent to be in a frame of mind to change old habits that can deter our

physical bodies and minds into living unhealthy lifestyles. The time is now

to bring awareness to people all across the board who are suffering with

heart disease, and a constant battle to weed out the unhealthy things in our

lives that are so prevalent today. Because of so many in our world having to deal

with poverty, it makes it difficult to maybe eat the appropriate diets each day,

yet it is possible to plan each day to be cautious of what we do consume in

moderation. With this said, no one person has the monopoly on their own

life, because your life was bought with a price. “Jesus Paid It All!”  Remember

that you as an individual have an opportunity right now to change old habits

and renew your faith in order to become the person you long to be with the

determination and commitment that lies within you to make a difference.

And, sometimes it may take you starting with yourself to have confidence

to see yourself moving forward into your desired destiny by completing the

test that came to take you out. On the other hand, this same test helped

you to apprehend starting over.

[“Be mindful, that each day you live is a gift, and you should never cease

from the benefits of opening up to newer and vibrant possibilities, cherish

your life to the utmost, and most of all, celebrate your life to the fullest, by

“changing the way you think, which mimics who you really are.”]

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Statistics: Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.

It is projected that over 79,400,000 Americans have one or more

forms of heart disease.


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Hello World….Welcome to….[AngelaBooker~Online~Helps]

CYMERA_20130818_235024Shepherdess Angie B

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Angela Booker’s E-Book Shared Released 08/3/12




Title: “The Blindside to Unwarranted Sin”

Subtitle: Uncovering Sins (Sequel)

In life there are some hidden factors of fear that have taken one’s mind captive. In  fact, the nature of some who were once  living a life of substantial purpose have lost their way in the constant battle to sin. On the contrary,sin has entered into the hearts of men and ruptured the very soul of those who would normally live out a godly life,  but rather choose evil opposed to that which is of natural affection and love that covers a multitude of sin. (:Love covers all:)

[‘Sin is a reproach to any people’]


August 26, 2012 · 1:14

www.stjude.org [ALSAC] . Danny Thomas Founder

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Angela’s Initiatives toward helping to restore lives…..




More Initiatives of Angela Booker….shared ‘Type Pad’ site Profile

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Angela Booker was a recipient of the ‘Most Powerful Voices’ Gospel Music Contest….




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July 18, 2012 · 1:14

Hello world!


“It’s Time To Educate The Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit”

Our establishment has been growing over seven years, since 2005. Our organization is a part of a worldwide outreach ministry that has intuitively enhanced the abilities of individuals young and old who wish to further his or her educational milestones. It is with great esteem to build and strengthen the core values within the family unit which is built upon the values that promotes learning tools, and also enable individuals to be given an opportunity in meeting his or her acquired capabilities in character, motivation, and literacy in every aspect of his or her living out the qualities of life for the betterment of home, the work place, and everyday social lifestyles.

Important Links to Your Health Concern Questions:




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