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20160806_102854Women Health Screens20160806_102927Women Health Screens20160806_102939Womens Health Screens

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CYMERA_20130818_235024Shepherdess Angie B


‘Celebrate Life’

[Pray….Exercise Daily…..and Eat a Healthy Balanced Meal Everyday]

God still works miracles. Looking back into what was a true wake up

call made me realize my life in its total reality! Many in our world today

battle with heart disease, types of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes,

and so many other thought provoking illnesses in our fast paced society

of prompt and right now environments. Nevertheless, we never really take

the time to think about the pressures of life that overshadows our every

intent to be in a frame of mind to change old habits that can deter our

physical bodies and minds into living unhealthy lifestyles. The time is now

to bring awareness to people all across the board who are suffering with

heart disease, and a constant battle to weed out the unhealthy things in our

lives that are so prevalent today. Because of so many in our world having to deal

with poverty, it makes it difficult to maybe eat the appropriate diets each day,

yet it is possible to plan each day to be cautious of what we do consume in

moderation. With this said, no one person has the monopoly on their own

life, because your life was bought with a price. “Jesus Paid It All!”  Remember

that you as an individual have an opportunity right now to change old habits

and renew your faith in order to become the person you long to be with the

determination and commitment that lies within you to make a difference.

And, sometimes it may take you starting with yourself to have confidence

to see yourself moving forward into your desired destiny by completing the

test that came to take you out. On the other hand, this same test helped

you to apprehend starting over.

[“Be mindful, that each day you live is a gift, and you should never cease

from the benefits of opening up to newer and vibrant possibilities, cherish

your life to the utmost, and most of all, celebrate your life to the fullest, by

“changing the way you think, which mimics who you really are.”]

Angienewmuzicpromotingliteracy, Angela Booker, 2/24/15 11:32 a.m.

Statistics: Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.

It is projected that over 79,400,000 Americans have one or more

forms of heart disease.

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2014 in review [My Annual Report of Blog]

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Voter Lookup

Face Book Honors Women Rights to Vote in the US...

Face Book Honors Women Rights to Vote in the US…

Happy Women’s Equality Day, Angela!
On Aug 26, 1920, women achieved the right to vote in the US.

IMG_1694Angie Early Voting IMG_1692Angie Early Voting IMG_1690Angie Early Voting

Angela Booker exercised her Voting Rights

Early 103114…[Remember to V-O-T-E

Everyone on November 4, 2014 in the

upcoming Election]

‘It’s Important to Cast your V-O-T-E!’

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Surviving a Stroke at 33 (and Blogging About It)

Interesting article of victim’s life story of Survival……

The Blog

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee suffered a stroke when she was 33, and she has written about her experience in an inspiring personal essay for BuzzFeed.

Before that, she was using a pseudonym on to blog about her experiences, share details about her life, and practice her writing. In 2007, shortly after New Year’s Day, Lee wrote the following in a blog post:

something in my brain burped. most of what i want to do is just out of my grasp. i feel like i know how to do them, but then when i go to do them, i just…CAN’T. day by day, i’m regaining my abilities, so i hope this is just temporary.

Lee’s commenters urged her to see a doctor, and the next day, she responded to them from a hospital bed: “I had a stroke! Will be better.”

I spoke with Lee about her experience, and…

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Hello World….Welcome to….[AngelaBooker~Online~Helps]

CYMERA_20130818_235024Shepherdess Angie B

20131210_191658Angela Class of 2013 220131210_190607Angela Class of 2013 320131214_175950Angela Booker Class of 2013 Point University

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‘Reaching Out’ [Sharing Goodreads Widget Updates]

20130810_184644 (2)

‘Reaching Out’.

Angela’s Widget on ‘goodreads’
[Check out Angela Booker’s e-book on ‘Goodreads’ and Download from Amazon and Barnes and Noble]
Thanks for your support Everyone!

The Blindside to Unwarranted Sin; Uncovering Sins by BookBaby

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‘A Time For Reaching Out’

Family Event

Family Event

About My Business Initiatives in the [Future]
Hello Everyone,

I am a new Author who believe in sharing knowledge with the intent to be a positive influence. It is with esteemed joy to share my e-book with the world for the sole purpose of educating our communities online, as well as, locally. I am a very proud native of Georgia and love embracing families with abilities to strengthen youth or adults with mentoring skills. Likewise, my main goal is to reach people of all walks of life and maintain focus on the less fortunate, whereas, my initiative to share my support is with ‘World Vision Abroad’ in the near [future]. My business endeavors are constantly growing in the direction of my journey in the Christian outreach ministries outlined in God’s plan for my life, and has been a constant effort of tireless motivation since the year of ‘2005’. Moreover, my online techniques utilized are beneficial and convenient for those who may be homebound, traveling (on the go), or wish to take advantage of online marketing efforts where reading is made simple and available. I am a professional aspired marketer in my field of business. Moreover, I continue to grow and mature more into my business practices with integrity. And, I do associate with colleagues, business leaders, and families at this time to help promote character, motivation and literacy. Digital Upload Available

‘In Support of Community Projects’  [*May God Continue to bless the continuous works of those who care about others and helping to meet their needs, by supporting the ‘Hosea Feed the Hungry & Homeless efforts, which aims toward making a difference in our communities, as support from people of all walks of life is rendered to end poverty.*]

Help Hosea Feed The Hungry & Homeless Thanks…

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