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[Angela Booker Celebrate Her Hero]

‘It is an esteemed privilege to share true insights of reality that represents my hero’s distinguished accomplishments.’ [And so…looking forward to sharing in the viewing of this movie of profound characters!……] Angela

‘Celebrate the Everyday Hero in your life’

[Angela Booker comments after viewing “The Butler”]
“Lee Daniels, The Butler” is an extraordinary movie that enlightens the heart of a person’s intellectual character, in which, reality of who a person is believed to be is soon cultivated into a family of love, support, and renewed self dignity. Most of all, ‘The Butler’ acclaims assurance of what the dark past has taught the African American Culture and minorities about building hope in sometimes what appears to be a hopeless generation.



August 7, 2013 · 1:14

Angela Booker’s E-Book Shared Released 8/3/12

The Blindside to Unwarranted Sin; Uncovering Sins by Angela Booker


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Angela Booker’s E-Book Shared Released 08/3/12



Title: “The Blindside to Unwarranted Sin”

Subtitle: Uncovering Sins (Sequel)

In life there are some hidden factors of fear that have taken one’s mind captive. In  fact, the nature of some who were once  living a life of substantial purpose have lost their way in the constant battle to sin. On the contrary,sin has entered into the hearts of men and ruptured the very soul of those who would normally live out a godly life,  but rather choose evil opposed to that which is of natural affection and love that covers a multitude of sin. (:Love covers all:)

[‘Sin is a reproach to any people’]


August 26, 2012 · 1:14 [ALSAC] . Danny Thomas Founder

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Angela’s Initiatives toward helping to restore lives…..



More Initiatives of Angela Booker….shared ‘Type Pad’ site Profile

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pexels-photo-357316.jpeg CONGRATULATIONS to the (Artist) who made it to the TOP 50unnamedpowerful voices




Angela Booker was a recipient of the ‘Most Powerful Voices’ Gospel Music Contest….

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July 18, 2012 · 1:14

Angela Booker’s [Future] Initiatives ‘Intuit’

pexels-photo-279470.jpegAngela Booker’s  Quest to make a difference in Communities:

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