About Angela Booker, Alumni

Artist: Angela Booker New Single: “Jesus You Are My Everything” My devotion to God leads me to a higher height in him and deeper depth. A song from my heart that delivers a new beginning for my life. I am covered by the blood of the lamb, and ‘Jesus is my everything’. From High-school being awarded the most talented of my Senior class, I benefited from being starred in plays and talent shows, where I would sing and, or act and win top prizes. And, growing up in what we called the projects, (subsidized homes for the less fortunate), I performed in my first live talent show event in the neighborhood family nights in ‘Atlanta Georgia’ where music for me then was rhythm and blues type songs, and these songs would be sang to move the people with inspiration and love for one another, whereas, I was fortunate enough once again to win top prizes for my heartfelt performance and God given talents. [Angela’s Contributed Sources Aids In Finding Available Resources Regarding Health Initiatives] Since 2005 http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/AngelaBooker AngienewmuzicPromotingliteracy Established Site [12/2011] http://www.linkedin.com/in/angelabookerhelps


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