‘A Time For Reaching Out’

Family Event

Family Event

About My Business Initiatives in the [Future]
Hello Everyone,

I am a new Author who believe in sharing knowledge with the intent to be a positive influence. It is with esteemed joy to share my e-book with the world for the sole purpose of educating our communities online, as well as, locally. I am a very proud native of Georgia and love embracing families with abilities to strengthen youth or adults with mentoring skills. Likewise, my main goal is to reach people of all walks of life and maintain focus on the less fortunate, whereas, my initiative to share my support is with ‘World Vision Abroad’ in the near [future]. My business endeavors are constantly growing in the direction of my journey in the Christian outreach ministries outlined in God’s plan for my life, and has been a constant effort of tireless motivation since the year of ‘2005’. Moreover, my online techniques utilized are beneficial and convenient for those who may be homebound, traveling (on the go), or wish to take advantage of online marketing efforts where reading is made simple and available. I am a professional aspired marketer in my field of business. Moreover, I continue to grow and mature more into my business practices with integrity. And, I do associate with colleagues, business leaders, and families at this time to help promote character, motivation and literacy.

https://www.world-of-digitals.com/de/booker-angela-ebook-epub-pdf-mp3.html Digital Upload Available

‘In Support of Community Projects’  [*May God Continue to bless the continuous works of those who care about others and helping to meet their needs, by supporting the ‘Hosea Feed the Hungry & Homeless efforts, which aims toward making a difference in our communities, as support from people of all walks of life is rendered to end poverty.*]

Help Hosea Feed The Hungry & Homeless Thanks…



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