Angela Booker’s Son First Art Project {Painting}

“A Rose for Mom”

Elementary School Art Project
“A Rose for Mom”


Filed under Focus Group For Various Health Topics

4 responses to “Angela Booker’s Son First Art Project {Painting}

  1. Comments from Mom: [Thanks Nic for being all that you can be
    through hard work, perseverance, and striving for excellence
    each day!]

    • Comments From Mom: “The Brilliant, Talented, and Gifted”

      • Sharron

        You should feel very special Angela. Nic is a very thoughtful young man. My son makes me feel special sometimes too. Your art is commendable and it looks great.

      • All glory belongs to God. “Yes, I know my child’s life
        is a continuous progress and that God does have him
        in his hand. Please continue to pray for us because
        as I continue to share the wonderful works of the
        Lord with others, I do realize that “we never
        could have made it without the Lord being on our
        side.” Let’s continue to lift our children of all
        walks of life up, because we do need Jesus every
        day of our lives as we keep his purpose in our
        heart and share the gifts that God gave us to
        give back to others.


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