Coping with Life’s Challenges (Mood Swings)

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Respectively, there are many types of stress that can be caused by a collective effort of mood swings. On the other hand, what are some common factors of mood swings that are called triggers, such as, insomnia, difficulty sleeping, and feeling of manic depression, to name a few, which indeed can worsen and cause one who suffers with these symptoms a change in his or her moods? Well, it is very clear that the sufferer of any life long illness can be at risk to themselves or others who engage his or her everyday lifestyles if the illness is left untreated. Nonetheless, we who are concerned about our health, as well as, the overall wellness of love ones, friends, and family, should ask the question how to become more educated regarding certain changes in developing behaviors that have stemmed for over a period of time and a nuisance to those who suffer with a brain disorder (chemical imbalance) as he or she may exercise his or her capabilities of living out a normal life. For instance, when symptoms of depression becomes an emotional disturbance for its sufferers, the main focus to attentively take note to is to approach the significance of its findings by seeking Professional help from a Professional Physician immediately and not wait until the condition has worsened.

Because mood swings are thought to be a normal part of our everyday lifestyles, it may be difficult to detect what is causing the true diagnosis of the symptoms related to the occurrences of moods that can possibly lead to chronic illnesses that affects the brain in the way that it functions. In essence, when there is a disorder to ones brain; wherefore, he or she does not receive enough oxygen to his or her brain, this factor alone has already posed a problem for the sufferer who may have developed other types of mood swings that are not always recognizable, such as, one who suffers with bipolar, and feeling of mania depression, and if untreated can lead its sufferer into a psychotic state of mind. Oftentimes, there are ones who display rejection of social environmental associations for reasons of being distracted by feelings of worthlessness, irritability, or even the presence of certain restraints that causes lack of balancing and juggling simple tasks on an average day. On the contrary, it is important to remember that in order to cope with constant mood swings, again, one who suffers with all types of moods that are impeding the way he or she lives out his or her overall lifestyles, seek Professional help immediately, because when any type of illness is diagnosed and administered the appropriate treatment plan that may consist of family support teams, counseling, but not limited to other support groups, one who suffers with mood swings can start to cope with the pressures that handicaps him or her from what should appear to them the norm. In order to cope with the developing stigma of any chronic illness, the sufferer has to be in total acceptance of the fact that he or she has to live with the diagnosis for the rest of his or her life.

Some symptoms to watch for while experiencing mood swings that could lead to other long term health and impediments of the brain are: not feeling happy, changes in sleep patterns, irritability, manic episodes that become unbearable, not distinguishing the correct perception of life (delusional). Once again, the first step to start gaining a hold on deliberating mood swings is to get educated about all of the sources available as an effort toward meeting the goals of the sufferer’s need. In the end, the one who suffers with mood swings of any kind will have to accept the fact that the illness has become too much for him or her to deal (bear) with alone. Next, be advised by a Professional Physician of the reasons why the mood swings are to be dealt with in the first place which is now become his or her reality. Also, there are more factors that would need to be dissected and researched thoroughly in order to narrow down the causes and findings of a distinct type of mood swing. But, for starters, it is assuring to know that one who exhibit living out all types of mood swings has the opportunity to seek immediate help and not wait until his or her dysfunction in character relate to any future long term disadvantages. “If you do not realize your behavior is a reaction to and not part of being manic, you will not realize that you actually have a choice to behave differently” (Copyright 1991-2012 Sussex Publishers, LLC ).

Note: Mood swings may develop over a period of years, due to triggers of stress and oppressed accumulation of the mind, body, and spirit, or even in ones who exhibit brain dysfunctions (not enough serotonin in the brain), which can indeed determine the absolute status of hindrances regarding living out his or her esteemed quality of life. Also, some gestures to reduce the worsening of some symptoms are: daily exercise (brisk walk), meditation, and listen to soft music and for some, soothing tub bath or shower, and water aerobics (boxing), most of all, a healthy diet should be implemented and given the advice of a Nutritionist is very helpful. These coping mechanisms are from known experiences, and not intended to be utilized without first seeking the advice of a Professional Doctor or Physician.

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Bipolar Advantage  Being bipolar without disorder. By Tom Wootton

Author of article, Angela Booker

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